Are you tired of having your yard destroyed by unwanted animals and rodents? Do you want to find ways to keep them away without using harmful chemicals? In this article, we will briefly discuss a few methods you can use to deter wildlife from your property.

Identify the problem animal. Not all animals that visit your yard are causing damage. By identifying the animal, you can find out the best way to discourage it from your yard. Animals and rodents are usually attracted to your property because there is a food source. It may even be a kind of plant or shrub. If you can identify and eliminate the food source you will make your property less appealing to the creature.

Use barrier deterrents. There are different types of barrier deterrents that you can use, such as fencing, netting, or a scarecrow. You can also try using visual or sound deterrents that the creature is afraid of, such as shiny objects, bright lights, or a radio set to a loud volume.

Use repellents. There are a variety of non-chemical repellents that you can use to keep wildlife away from your yard. Some of these include natural repellents such as predator urine, garlic, and hot pepper sprays. You can also try using ultrasonic repellents or motion-activated sprinklers.

Maintain your yard. Lastly, keeping your yard well-maintained can also help to deter wildlife from your property. Regularly mowing your lawn, removing fallen fruits and vegetables, and cleaning up debris can make your yard less appealing to animals and rodents.